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2 BMWs racing crashes into a house....

Just saw this on the news.

Looks like a red E36 M3. Can't tell what kind of silver BMW that is that ran into the house that is sitting in the living room....

A crash in south San Jose left five people hurt Wednesday afternoon, one with life threatening injuries.

The crash happened just south of Leigh High School on Leigh Avenue at Anne Way.

Police said two cars crashed into each other there and the force of the collision pushed one of the vehicles, a BMW, into a home.

The BMW crashed into the living room and the kitchen of a home on the corner, according to rescuers. A child was in the living room and an adult was in the kitchen. Both were injured and taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Three people in the BMW were also taken to the hospital.

One witness told NBC Bay Area the cars were racing down Leigh Avenue prior to the crash. Another witness said they heard the crash followed by screaming from inside the home.

Capt. Cleo Doss told Bay City News officers found a vehicle with three passengers "all the way in the structure." Crews could not immediately remove the car because they weren't sure about structural damage to the home.

The other car was in the front yard. That driver did not need medical treatment.

All of the people inside the cars were minors.

It was not clear which if the person with the life threatening injuries was inside a car or inside the home.

The crashed happened just before 4 p.m.

Police did not immediately know what lead to the crash.