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Originally Posted by divisionbell77
Enough already. We fucked up. They had no WMD and were not involved in any form of terrorist attack on the US. We used a BS reasons that Iraq had WMD, even linking them to 9/11, even though the White House was repeatedly told the sources were inaccurate and not credible.

This does not mean Saddam was not a fucker and did not need to be removed from power.

All it means is we used a BS excuse to go in there, which is in fact wrong to do.

I am glad he is out of power, and paid for his crimes. I am embarrassed we lied to do it.
We lied? Or Sadaam's eternal threats and use of wmd's against his own people was a testimony? Or refusing UN inspections was confirmation? Or the wmd's were taken to other sympathetic countries in the 9 months before we acted?

Your assumption of lying is not fully supported. Don't be too embarrassed - it makes you sound like a liberal whiner.
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