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Originally Posted by Fresh Face
Was never interested or cared for motorcycles. Read this thread, became interested in motorcycles. So interested that I walked into a MSF class last week. Fell in love with riding doing even the most basic of exercises in a parking lot. Currently looking to pick up something like this.

Just wanted to say thank you to you folks who made this thread and helped me discover a passion for motorcycles.
Welcome! Once you get on the roads, you will fall deeper in love with riding. I always thought motorcycles were cool, but was more into cars, so never showed much interest in getting on a bike until I went to the MSF Course early 2011.
Once I came out of the course, I was all about bikes... almost started neglecting my car...! (almost) lol.
Now, as long as it is 40 degrees or higher with clear skies, (I chance it on some cloudy days), i'm taking the bike to work.
Now all I need is a fighter jet and my collection will feel complete
Once again, welcome to the club. Just stay safe on the roads and enjoy!
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