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Fortunately for me thousands of BMW owners are not satisfied with a minimal solution and opt for the extra features of the Reverse Logic design.

All of the jack points on BMW chassis are not the same width and length. The large radius on the top edges allows the block to be the maximum width without forcing the block against the walls of the jack points with more narrow pockets. We offer tools with a shorter block for chassis which use the E88 jack point.

The Silicone plugs allow you to suspend the tool from the jack point while positioning a floor jack or the arms of a 2-post lift. But, if you don't want or need this feature we offer a less expensive multi-vehicle tool. This tool works in any BMW chassis, most MB chassis, and the Nissan GT-R. So even our minimal design priced at $26.95 (including shipping) offers more flexibility than competing products because it works with more vehicle brands.

The two piece design (block and base) allows me to produce larger runs of bases and make short runs of the blocks for chassis with a lower sales volume. I am also able to share jack pad components with jack stands including other vendor's stands.

In the near future I will be offering a tool for Audi chassis. I also expect to start selling the blocks separately for owners who have more than one type of car with jack points that incorporate an integrated vehicle jack pocket.

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FYI, I got this jack pad for $19 and it works great: