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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
there's an invoice for the cost to warranty as well. Just show up at your local dealer with the VIN and they can quote you.

You'll see the warranty costs (and features) are different if the car is in-warranty our out of warranty too when you purchase extended. Anyways, if it's a 2009 it likely either just off-warranty or about to expire, so I would get the details straight on this ASAP so you dont' miss any extend warranty opportunities. If the car is still in-warranty when you buy it, you have a window to seperately shop extended warranty offers from other dealers or to even sleep on the concept itself, so if this is the case, don't feel pressured to buy their extended warranty on the spot (or at lest try to negoitate a better deal since you are buying a car from them on a related transaction.)

good luck.
The car is still under-warranty (until June), so I have the BMW branded extended warranties as an option too. However, the last time I checked, they were actually more expensive than the CPO.