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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 you also get a phone in the same transaction....

Stand-alone portable navigation concepts will be outdated soon and is duplicative as more and more people are owning smartphones, i wouldn't spend more than $100 on one, and i would look into buying a pre-owned one as well.

in terms of reviews, just do an Amazon search, the consumers there are generally pretty descriptive of all the issues, and the highest rated reviews (postive and negative) are rated to the top of the page, so you don't spend time sifting through 100 reviews. IMO, what we'll tell you on this forum will be skewed b/c there's not enough data points for the millions of different products out there.

Someone here will say they love the perticular Garmin Nuvi XYZ model. But you may be looking at a ABC model. Don't you want 100+ reviews and comments on specifically the ABC model so you can figure out the pros and cons? Amazon is your source....

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