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Originally Posted by drchuck72 View Post
How's it coming along? I started doing Insanity in February when I developed Tennis Elbow. I was in my second round of P90X, week 6 at the time. Couldn't continue so I switched over.

I'm currently in my second last week of the workout cycle. I haven't lost much weight since my eating hasn't been that great in the last few months. I had lost 35-40 lbs in the last 18 months so it was harder for me to lose more weight.

I have to say, that doing Insanity has improved my performance on the hockey rink. More so than doing P90X. However, P90X was better for my vanity LOL.

Hope it is going well. You're probably into phase 2 now. It's a b*tch isn't it? My numbers in the fit test were pretty good when I started but I have actually seen some improvement in my numbers and how I feel when I do the fit test. I could probably fly through phase 1 now!

Good luck. Look forward to hearing how it went.

tried it for a week, it's a great system, just not my cup of tea (just not fun enough imo). but i've stuck with moderate dieting (been doing that all year) and picked up basketball/soccer again. slowly but surely. i don't compete in sports, just want to lose some flab and fit better into my cool jeans. still very carb careful, portion control, fruit > salad, and when i want to grub it's usually roasted chicken.

i guess i opted for the more gradual lifestyle change instead of a 2 month boot camp.

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