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Originally Posted by 414bhp View Post
How many times each winter do they salt in your metro-area?

everytime it's projected to snow or about 4-5 times a winter.

Because the car won't be constantly exposed to road salt here, it's a non-issue, especially if you're not keeping the car past 100k miles...

Here's the thing, you're thinking WAY too much into this and unless this is a private sale, it's impossible to find your answer. How would you find out if this car was never driven in the winter and the owner had a 2nd winter-only car?

It's impossible for you to gauge the car's winter maintenance unless you know the owner. Someone like me would drive the car out with salt on the ground, but will do a underbody spray every week after the salt has been laid down, and this would be the type of owner you're looking for. In general, if the owner appears to be very anal about the appearance and maintenance of the car, then you should have some comfort level.

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