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Originally Posted by Transfer
First gear full throttle straight line I get a ripping/buzz kind of noise that I can't tell if it's coming from the front or back. It's brief (so is 1st gear ) and is as loud as the engine. It sounds like tire rubbing but I can't find any signs of that and I know I shouldn't be rubbing. The noise almost sounds like the diff working but it doesn't occur in other gears or when I'm drifting. The car seems to run great, no loss of power just a crazy high pitched BZZZZT!!! This has happened since I bought the car used back in June and since it doesn't cause any issues I thought it was normal but now it's starting to make me wonder. Transmission is DCT

Its most likely from the exhaust had that fixed a while back. It happens at a certain RPM but even then it doesn't happen all the time