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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Good question Rowdy, but I tend to be all over the place. For instance, when I shoot scenics with my 24-105mm, the FL will be reasonably evenly distributed at 24mm, 28mm and 35mm. OTOH, scenics shot with my 70-200mm tend to be close to 70mm.

For an ultra-wide, I really love the 15mm f/2.8 fisheye. I'm probably going to buy one off the used market. My DxO Optics Pro software will take a fish eye perspective and convert it to rectilinear. It's incredible for tight interiors or subjects that you have to shoot really close to. I haven't really tried it for scenics. Today, I'd do a multi-shot pano for a scenic that wide, but I'd be curious to try it with the 15mm and correct for the distortion.

Interesting. I am quite the fan of sigma lenses.. I was also considering the 14mm canon.. But I'm not sure if the extra 2 mm is worth it for the price over the 16-35!