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Believe it or not, there are some people who look at all the information posted about these types of incidents and make their own decisions. Not everyone who disagrees with the "official" story wears a tinfoil hat.

Like i said before, it's stupid to think that the government is responsible for Boston. But then it's also stupid to be so naive to think that the government couldn't be responsible for Boston.

I certainly don't think 9/11 was an inside job. The logistics of that were impossible to pull off without someone confiding in someone that they were involved. I do think that may have been the point in time where the Govt realized that we the people would unite and back anything that would help retaliate and or protect us from that type of event in the future.

I'm NOT saying this is what happened, but follow this for a minute. An average person could have made MUCH larger bombs that would have killed hundreds of people from legally purchased materials. And the average person who wanted to kill lots of people would have done so by detonating just before the start of the race where destiny of the people would have yielded a much higher fatality rate. So maybe the 2 guys were stupid and didn't know what they were doing. Or maybe the govt wanted to see what type of tolerance the public would have for a martial law type situation. After all these 2 blasts were relatively small, detonated when the density of spectators was much lower than at the start or even when the first competitors crossed the finish line. And they were detonated near a medical tent.

Like i said, i'm NOT saying i believe that's what happened, but the possibility is there. As someone mentioned, there were armored personnel carriers with hundreds of full combat dressed operators combing public streets which were "locked down". There are pictures of these operators pointing weapons at the photographer as they stand in their home as ordered. All for 2 guys who were SUSPECTED of killing 4 people and injuring many more. Yes, they did rob some people, stole a car, shot a security officer in the name of fleeing. But if you were asked to be involved with an "exercise" during the Boston marathon, then there were explosions at that event, then you were named as suspect 1 or 2; well, turning yourself in to clear your name is an option that was just taken off of the table. This of course is all speculation and i hope that the reality of this situation, that we may never know, is nothing like this.

You and i may never be able to justify the deaths of even a few to find out how much control you may have over a city after a major event. But in the scope of the world, even our country, the powers at be have been making these types of decisions for decades; and that's not speculation and neither is the following. There are many contingency plans for attacks on our country. Many of those include plans to evaluate the injured and only tend to the ones with the highest probability of survival. In fact, in the event of a dirty bomb being detonated in one of our cities, the wind direction will play a major role with weather or not you'll be assisted by the first responders. To the people who are forced to think on this level, human life is just another commodity with a value attached to it. As a person in power you must think that way in certain circumstances. I don't have a problem with this because when populations get to our size you just can't save everyone in every circumstance. The problem is.... that power which forces some elected officials to think this way is the same power that often corrupts those same elected officials.

Take from that what you will, but just as we shouldn't blindly believe that the government is responsible for all these events; we also shouldn't blindly believe that the government isn't responsible for all these events.
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