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Originally Posted by slicer
Originally Posted by M3Guy View Post
Hmm maybe a lot of them are just out of them? All I can find is 5x114 lug. Looked on EAS and Vivid :/ I saw Alekshop has them but I had never heard of that company before...
Trying to make up my mind on 18s or 19s. Really don't want that 18" wheel gap or have to slam it but they look a little better than the 19s :/
Are you tying to find them on web pages? If so you are much better served calling the vender(s). They are not typically a stock item. All of the venders get their Volks from the same distributor (Mackin Industries). They don't update their web pages with Mackin's stock. Call them, they act like they are checking "their" stock when in fact they are checking Mackin's stock.
The 19 inch TE37SL are not available from Japan. I believe they are customs built for the US market. Depending on where you are they might not be available except from US vendors

Locally in Singapore I am only able to buy the 18 inch versions.