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Originally Posted by Gil@McKennaPerformance View Post
Had the pleasure of seeing this beauty in person at this past weekend's Pre Mfest meet... me and the lady friend were speechless at how clean this car is in person!

Hey great pic man! It was fun driving up for the show.

Originally Posted by E92inSG View Post
Do you get any rubbing at all with the 275 upfront at that height? Full lock doesn't touch the fender liners?
Yes, it rubs bad at full lock. Turner Motorsport makes some steering limiters for just this reason. I have a set and I plan on installing them soon. I am also considering some fender modification.

Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Awesome build. Can't wait to see this drop by when in the area.
Yeah, I need to call you guys... need to get the suspension setup.

Originally Posted by Titanium Silver View Post
That was my favorite part...

Such amazing photography. Nice pics and car... Except the wing and mirrors. Both look terrible. Wow, I had to edit my post the spoiler looks so bad.

Not sure if this has been addressed, but what is up with the Puma decal on the mirrors?? Unless this is Usain Bolt's new M3, they should probably be removed.
The PUMA sticker is a homage to the now retired RLL E92 M3 GTs.

Originally Posted by xcharlesy View Post
lose the puma sticker cheese

but I actually love how ironic the reflectors are

great car
Yeah, the reflectors were an accident. But I love them on the green. But I am weird.

Originally Posted by cpdp View Post
ugly mirrors and way too big wing. my opinion. what matters is that the owner is happy with it
And I am!

Originally Posted by xcharlesy View Post
I sort of wish you did more with the wheels, I'm definitely feeling like te37s are getting a little overplayed in the community, but I absolutely love the attention to detail approach, I personally would have done the varies diffuser over the wing, but again, just my opinion
I hear you man... But when I was looking for wheels I wanted a very light strong wheel. TE37s fit the bill and I love the green. In the end, the car is full of tried and reliable parts.

If I had to change them I would do all gold BBS E88s like Green Hell used to have. I have a soft spot for E88s.

Originally Posted by v35 View Post
Jason! Car looks amazing man, congrats on the new ride. Love the attention to detail!
DUDE! Been a long time man! I still love your ride man!

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