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Originally Posted by JBasham View Post
I love the black face Sub. I think of it as the 3-Series of mechanical watches. I wear mine often. I think the Omega Speedmaster, in the same class, is a little more iconic, but it's a dry watch, and I tend to avoid those.

My fave is my Omega Deville Chrono.

It's not the 3-Series of mechanical watches. It's the Alfa Romeo. When it's working, it keeps time like an atomic clock. The rest of the time, it's back in Bienne having its guts overhauled. The warranty ran out years ago, but Omega keeps working on it at no charge, I think out of embarassment that their fantastic co-axial chrono movement didn't turn out to be as perfect as advertised. I think they may have finally got it fixed, because it has been running for a couple years straight now.

I keep wondering how much longer it will take for the gentleman's dress watch to come back. This thing with chronos upsized so big you can see them from space is wearing thin.

I think I'm getting a Pam next, but I haven't really decided.
I have a seamaster. Had it or years. Always loved it......until I tried on a sub the other day. I don't wear my seamaster anymore
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