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Originally Posted by playground View Post
If I may ask how much was the the M3 from the auction?

Also how much do they normally go around? Been thinking about a Porsche, and a friend told me their really cheap at the auction but sometimes it's a hit or miss in terms of what the actual true history of the car is like.
I picked it up for about 15K. 2008 with only 32K miles. No accidents. It got salvaged for the theft since they stole all components and cut every damn wire.

The spare M3 I have is a 2008 with 56k miles. Bought it for about 15k also. Wrecked on the left side. Just needs a new front left suspension, wheel, fender, bumper, and light and it would have been good to go. But I stole all the components and some harness from it lol. Will be parting the car out once done with all this.

A lot of factors play into it. Where it was wrecked, miles, year etc. Also if someone is in need of it as much as you, it can go for more than expected.

Originally Posted by Chriskm3 View Post
Get a wire diagram for the dealer. I think it's a dollar per page or wire up a new amp
I used, put the car VIN, and looked through the whole diagram of this car and can't find any diagram for the 3 white with red/blue/brown wires...

I have everything else hooked up according to the diagrams, not sure why I am not getting any sound. I am not sure if programming is required, thought someone may know.

Originally Posted by Chriskm3 View Post
The auction car is not a problem. The spare parts car is harder to hide from the cops
You can find badly wrecked cars that have a lot of good parts to sell or use from the auction. Friend bought a crashed up 2008 328i with nav for only 3k. Whole front was smashed up and all that was good was the inside, sides, and rear.

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