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Need help. Fixing Theft M3 with Cut Wires

Hi everyone,

So I picked up a 08 M3 from the auction that was a theft recovery. All the wires inside were cut.

I have another 08 M3 as a parts car, so I am taking all the connectors and parts out of that to make this one work.

The only difference is on the M3 I am restoring, it has HiFi speakers but is not a Logic 7 system. It has an audio only jack.

The M3 I am taking parts from is Logic 7 system, and has a audio/usb jack. Both have Nav.

I am having trouble finding the pin out for 3 wires that are spiraled together. They are all major white with Red, Blue, and Brown lines. I have no idea were to pin these and only did a guess.

I got everything working, just no sound to come out of the speakers and no AUX option available on the nav screen (prob because I don't know where the 3 white red/blue/brown wires go!).

I have a friend who has a junk yard and I found a radio plug with almost identical plugs as the one in the M3 I am fixing but still didn't have the 3 white red/blue/brown spiral wires.

So maybe I have everything good, but I may need to have it programmed? Since I am taking out all the components from the Logic 7 setup. My buddy has a shop that uses the AutoLogic computer and can do this. I just want to make sure I have it wired up correctly before towing it over.

Another thing that is throwing me off is behind the radio, there is the black, yellow, and clear wires that match the audio jack plug wires, but that audio plug plugs into the major white red/blue/brown wires. It is just throwing me off so much.

I took pictures, I may sound really confusing, just looking to see if I can get any help or pointers to some info to help me out.

Thanks for your time.
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