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Originally Posted by w00tw00t View Post
hey guys.. for those who have a brembo bbk.. on the rear caliper, you know the two pins that hold the pads in place.. well since the head of the pin is on the inside of the wheel well, I am having trouble seating this pin all the way back in the caliper once the new pads are on...

I tried using a small allen key and trying to squeeze a hammer in there trying to hit the allen key to push the pin in is not working .. the pin doesn't seat all the way in.

Any tricks? Removing the caliper is a no-go because seating the pads back into the rotor once the pins are in is impossible.

I'm thinking of getting a c-clamp

Please help!!!!!!!!!

I'm not certain it is the correct way to do it, but a metal punch with your hammer idea should work fine.

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