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This talk of the M3 vs ISF is interesting. I sold my 2011 e90 M3 almost a year ago because I needed a fast DD because of a new job and am currently driving an Evo X MR. Nothing wrong with the Evo, actually a very impressive car for the 26k I bought it for, but I really miss the M3. At some point this year I am going to sell the Evo since I now have a company car and have been looking at e92 M3s and some other cars.

The Lexus ISF has always jumped out at me, don't know why but I think it's a pretty sweet car besides those quad tips. Guess I will have to drive one to see if I really like it. There will always be the battle of the e9X M3 vs Lexus ISF. People who like BMWs will always say the M is better where Lexus guys will say the ISF is better. One thing I don't get is all these people saying the M3 will out perform the ISF. Both the M3 and ISF with a few bolt on mods will run low 12's/high 11's and from all that I have read the ISF is just as good on the track as the M3. Where it really gets criticism is for it's supposed lack of feel on the road.

I agree with everyone though, the M3's lack of torque is pretty obvious and you have to drive it around like a race car to really make the car move. I was still averaging close to 20mpg driving around in race car mode though