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Not an M3 but..

I'm in Austin this weekend for the MotoGP race and as we were wandering around the site we found an F1 car that we were allowed to get really close to. Amazingly the car wasn't generating a lot of interest from all the bike people so we got to take a ton of pictures up close.

I'm pretty sure this is the Williams car from the 2009 season updated with the Pirelli tires and the current livery. I'm not 100% though as it doesn't seem to have the double diffuser or have the exhaust exits in the right place.

Anyway, here are the pics. Lots of Carbon Fiber.

Front Wing


Rear suspension

Rear wing - This wing doesn't have DRS so it's a 2010 or earlier wing.


Front Suspension

Floor - Note the little mini-wing on the leading edge of the floor.

Front wheel and brake.

Rear tire, wheel and brake.

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