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Its as good a guess as any but I dont agree with the method. For one thing the author is not taking into account the ratios of autos actually being sold. For example, over the course of the E92's life span BMW is hoping to sell 100k total worldwide, and half of that in the USA alone. Does anyone know if the ratio of 335i converts to M3's marketed to the UK is the same as the USA? My guess is the the ratio is quite a bit different. I am too lazy to find out myself.

But personally I think using other countires is the wrong way to guestimate the price of the new M3 in the US. Some ratios and percantage increases model to model are really high in some countries and really low in others. Each country is its own animal so its hard to use data from the UK or any other country to correlate a price for the USA.

Although the new M is going to be more expensive it is also going to be much more available in the USA and I would guess BMW is pricing the M3 to sell well. Especially if BMW expects to sell 50K of these babies. I think the price needs to be very appealing to the customer and to me a base price of over 60K just doesnt look right.

But like I said, its anybodies guess. However, I have an order through Military sales and dont expect a base of much more than 57K.

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