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When i'm in a cutting phase, I eat my metabolic rate in calories (around 1800 calories) and just work out. Long periods of Low intensity Cardio in the morning, lift at night. Fat comes right off and the slow cardio minimalizes the muscle loss.

The worst part is actually doing slow cardio. Theres nothing worse than 1-1.5 hours and only going like 4-6 miles. But the fat comes out. Lifting will give you a metabolic boost while you're recovering that'll burn calories/fat passively, provided you worked hard enough and went to failure. Lifting helps you lose weight very well, contrary to a lot of popular misconceptions.

Carb starving yourself is never in the cards for me. I dropped 52 lbs in a year and after two years I've kept it off, while putting on lean mass and lowering my body fat % to single digits. All this without cutting out complex carbs (granted i don't eat a ton of it, everything in moderation).

Others swear by the Keto Diet (google it, it definitely works). I've tried it, and it definitely gets you shredded up (much like paleo), but I can't give up carbs haha. If you really must do it (I had to try it, since it nets serious results), let yourself off of it lightly and you'll still maintain shape.

Granted, i still drink heavily and eat badly on weekends, but I pay for it on monday and tuesday when my diet is ultra strict and i have to put in extra time on treadmills and at the gym. Worth it for the good times though =)