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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
Why are you getting another M3?
Because I'm a brat and want one to my own spec. This car was one of the BMW launch cars, so it wasn't the actual car I ordered and I couldn't choose what went in it. As it turns out, it has almost everything I wanted anyway, but I think I'm just addicted to buying new cars, so I'd like one to my exact spec.

Over the next year or so I'll probably have a couple more - I'll get another new one when the DSG box comes out and then again when the convertible comes out. They tend to hold fairly strong residuals in the UK during the early life of the model, so I should be able to change cars without losing too much money, and as I buy a few M cars from my dealer each year, they tend to be very helpful when it comes to getting a build slot.

Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
Aren't adaptive headlights standard?
No, they were an option. Cost just under 300 ($600) from what I remember...