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Originally Posted by sharp1183
Ha ha ha ha! Well, actually you aren't that far away. My avatar is the old Bethlehem Steel factory, in Bethlehem, PA. I went to college in Bethlehem and our apartment was only a few blocks away and I used to go jogging around this place all the time! This place was huge! It stretched about a mile along the lehigh river, and there was a jogging trail on the other side. Amazing! It looked like something off a Pink Floyd album cover. It had its own fire department, two or three zip codes...kind of boggles the mind now.

Anyway, yeah it's been shut down for 20 years now and actually Sands Las Vegas is looking into buying it and turning it into a casino!
damn. i imagine it looks creepy at night. people say big parks look creepy at night. they kind of do. so do these big rusting structures.