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Originally Posted by MaxL View Post
It may not do much better than regular one, if you keep square set up. I rode in Euro MDM car with square set up (R-comps though), and it seemed more intrusive than in mine with stock proportion of tire diameters.

It seems you know mosport, so just for reference, I can do ~1:39 time at mostport (street tires) with Euro MDM not blinking a single time and probably not interfering. If I push for a faster lap, I can feel it on the entrance to 8 and exit of 4 and 5, just reducing rotation in all cases. Still, low 1:38 in a stock car on AD08 (stock diameters) is doable with Euro MDM not being a pest. I could not go below 1:38 with it off either, but I've seen it done on comparable tires.

I did find it more intrusive at Calabogie.

Anyway, what I'd really like is a system that would not interfere at all unless you are really beyond saving without computer interference - kind of a built-in track insurance. Should be possible, given all the tech available now.
Traction control relies on grip...if it can't save you while still on pavement, then it won't be able to pull you back onto the track.

I was just driving a Mustang GT on the track...even with traction control off it would still interfere. The system was really more of a throttle cut but it would finally interfere just as I would hang the rear out. It wasn't a smooth was disabling.

Part of the bad side to MDM is that it's quite silent to someone who has not had a bunch of seat time. I can see what you're requesting being possible but not with the gentle nudge of MDM...more of the complete throttle cut of ASC or that Mustang's.