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Originally Posted by JC919 View Post
Guys, please do not assume that I am doubting the strength of this engine.
Fair enough, and in return, don't assume that we were assuming that.

I merely feel that BMW should cover the cost for these parts since they are a well known weakness among M derived engines.
I agree that BMW should cover the cost. In fact they should cover everything - parts and labor included. Unfortunately, BMW seems to have developed a bit of a reputation for being notoriously arrogant when it comes to admitting faults with their products. And yes, I understand that this boils down to their legal department and limiting liabilities.

My initial estimate was along the lines of $3,800 and I ended up paying $800 for just the labor. Hopefully this thread will serve to get the word out. BMWNA will cover the cost of these parts if you push them, however, the dealers being dealers will try to stick you for the max.

I could have DIY'd, but as I stated in a previous post, if in the slim chance that a new DME is needed, I want BMWNA and the dealer to eat that cost.
It is a victory for you (and the other gentleman who posted earlier) that you got them to pay. I hope that in the future this becomes a more routine situation and they simply issue a TSB with extended warranty. For me, until that happens, knowing how poorly I handle diplomacy when I am not the one in the position of authority of having control over the situation, the easier route for me is to pay for the part and install it myself. It is definitely a good thing that we have other avenues to choose from though.
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