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First off thank you for the kind words man, but this process is kinda hard to explain in full, ill try my best.

It's a process called hydro dipping. What they do is get a special vinyl that when sprayed with an agent it liquifies and turns to ink. What they do is then put the parts into the water and dip them through the vinyl. This causes the ink to transfer to the part in the style u selected.

There is YouTube videos on this and it's really cool. It won't chip because rs ink on your paint. As for cost, it ranges. It maybe $200 for your lowers I'm not sure. You will have to call around and ask who does it or post on your bike site and ask. It's called hydro dipping I think. They can do any cf we've or pattern as long as they can buy it. There are 100s of cf types u jus have to find one u like. Hope this helps
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