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Originally Posted by JC919 View Post
My question is why have some throttle actuators failed on practically new cars and others on cars with considerable mileage?
Same reasons any other manufactured good might fail at varied points in its life - nothing is 100%.

If it happens to a car that is very low mileage, that would probably mean a problem with the manufacturing of these throttle actuators, whereas the older ones could just wear out.
It could be due to mishandling prior to assembly as well. These are probably not very resistant to being banged up or dropped, despite the rather thick casing. And based on playing with my failed one vs. the replacement, it would be tough to tell from inspection when one is bad, or presumably also when one has an internal damage just waiting to knock it out of spec.

Either way, in my mind this is a design flaw with these BMW V8s
The actuators are definitely failing prematurely, agree. The rest of the engine - at least the S65 - is very solid to my knowledge. Well, except those pesky rod bearing troubles (knock on wood).
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