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It doesn't have zero miles. There's a guy on VWVortex who can tell you the history of an F1 just by looking at it and knowing which number it is. He said this

The story isn't quite true as it has been presented, but it has gone viral now as the 'zero mile F1' and there seems to be no stopping it except for a few bright spots of common sense where we see people questioning that.

In reality this car has about 300 kms on the odometer. At the time of delivery all F1s were given an extensive shakedown run of more than 100 miles. The cars are given a check ride each time they are serviced. This car was last serviced in June 2010 and would have been driven by the McLaren technician at that point. Perhaps in the case of car like this one that driving would be more limited, but I can assure you it has not been stationary for 17 years as these articles claim and there are no zero-mile F1s in the world.

This car is not really news for those of us who keep track of the F1s. I've known of its existence for nearly 10 years. News of it coming to market is actually 6 weeks old now. The initial article that was written by Daily Auto Fix credits the sales page on the Japanese dealer's website as a source, using a rough online translation. It appears they made no effort to do any other independent research on the car or contact the dealer directly for a story before going to print and now at least 2 other sources (GTSpirit and Yahoo Autos) have parroted what was written without doing any research of their own. The headline has certainly gotten people's attention - that's what headlines are designed to do. I fully expect with all the attention the article has received today that we'll see it appear on Jalopnik, AutoBlog, CarBuzz, WorldCarFans and several others by tomorrow. It's a bit frustrating, but I've gotten used to seeing this over and over and it gives me very little faith in any of these "news sources".

To finish the story of this car it is chassis #060 and has been in Japan since new. It has been kept in climate controlled storage, has been started frequently to cycle the fluids and as mentioned has also been serviced. That means it is hardly a basket case some might expect and should command a top market price if the right buyer is interested.

The other yellow F1 pictured above is chassis #014, which has been here in the USA since 2003. It was sold by RM Auctions in August 2006 and the following year the owner sent it back to the factory for a complete refit including white paint, black wheels and fitment of the High Downforce Kit. These two cars were the only F1s painted yellow from new.