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Originally Posted by JBasham View Post
Lockton's website says they provide no liability coverage. So I think if it's your "fault" and the other guy pursues you for the $$$ damages to his/her car, Lockton won't help you with that.

I have NO idea what liability laws have to say about track accidents. You'll sign a waiver that purports to get the track and the event sponsor off the hook, but I don't know what driver-driver civil litigation would be like.
I think you're right about the insurance. Regarding liability, there is only so much a waiver can do. It is a dick move to sue other drivers, because we all go out there knowing that a small mistake at speed could cause tragedy. That being said, various state courts have held that the waivers are ineffective as to willful/wanton/grossly negligent conduct etc., and damages have been awarded in civil litigation for HPDE drivers.

I bought insurance for one day total, and net is (~$400) in the hole. Oh well.