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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
I'd rather be in an M3 with an experienced driver with DSC off than with an inexperienced driver with it on.
Excess speed is far more dangerous than having DSC within the speed limits in a sensible manner and the whole DSC on/off discussion is irrelevant.
This makes no sense.

The videos show an emergency lane change maneuver at highway speeds. You can drive in a "within the speed limits in a sensible manner" all you want. This does not change what happens when someone not paying attention cuts into your lane and you have to react instantly. Statistically, you are 35-50% less likely to have a serious accident (e.g. lose control of your car) in this situation with DSC on. The video clearly shows professional drivers unable to control their cars with DSC off.

Furthermore, if you are driving on public roads "within the speed limits in a sensible manner" there is no reason or point to having DSC off in the first place.

So let's see. Drive in a "sensible manner" "within the speed limits." Hmm, let me turn DSC off for no reason so my car is significantly less safe in an accident situation I have no way of anticipating. Yeah, that makes sense.

For the record, on deserted back-roads and/or the track, turn it off, have fun, learn your car. Whatever, it's your right. It's the guys that drive in traffic surrounded by cars with DSC off that make no sense to me.