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Originally Posted by reesy_csl View Post
To be honest, unless you've ever really driven your M to the limit with the DSC off on a race track, you shouldn't really attempt to on the road. I agree with Karrussel, I love to drive with the DSC off too when i'm enjoying the cars potential. It encourages you to use more thought, more control, and have more respect for the beast that you are taming.

Senorfunkypants is right too - an experienced/trained driver with DSC off, over inexperienced with DSC on, any day of the week. Ultimately you are your own limiting factor, if you're driving outside the limits of the car, whether that be with DSC activated, or deactivated it's going to bite you in the bum! I'm not saying a good DSC system isn't going to get you out of trouble, but it's not be the saving grace in every situation. I'd encourage any body with an M car to get themselves on to a trackday and see exactly what these cars are all about...
Point of this thread is, it's not about DSC taking away the fun when one wants to drive with enthusiasm at a suitable place and time, but rather, leaving it on when one is on the public road when there are others around, as even if one is driving well within one's and the car's limits, a sudden unforeseen event may occur that would require an avoidance manoeuvre which may upset the car, whereby DSC will react quicker than any human can. The fractions of a second saved can mean a lot.

Yes, driver education and training is far more important than DSC, but leaving DSC on is such a simple thing to do, at times when no benefits are to be gained by having it off - like driving on a motorway.

I myself turn it off when I'm on a track or when there's a quiet road, but leave it on the rest of the time.

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