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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
They gave you a price on the part or labor (or both?). Unfortunately, I don't think mileage has anything to do with this? Seen them fail way early on too. I'm not saying that this isn't an issue, but as long as I don't have to go through 1 throttle actuator a year, I'm kind of at peace with the S65 (for now).

As you can see, the DIY really isn't all that hard to do. Btw, when limp mode came on for me, it never went away and I read the codes as soon as I got home.
Sorry for not getting back sooner. I am paying for the labor and the dealer/BMWNA are eating the cost of the parts. I doubt they would have just given me the parts any way.

In the initial estimate, they also quoted me for a new DME if necessary. While I don't think that will be needed, I want the piece of mind that if it needs to happen BMWNA will give me a free DME under the 8 year/80k warranty for that part. Plus, they will do all the coding to ensure the issue is completely resolved.

Regarding mileage; I have heard of this happening in a couple e9x and e39 V8 motors not long after the car was initially delivered. However, its baffling to me how I can get 58k out of the car before I experience any problems. My e39 M5 has almost 53k on it and I really hope that I don't have this issue again, because I don't think I'll be able to negotiate any more goodwill deals until I buy a brand new BMW.

I drove my M3 for the first time in two weeks this morning when I took the car to the dealer to have this work done. When started it didn't throw up any CELs and drove an usual to the dealer. I shut the car off at the dealer, promptly started it back up and the various CELs went off.

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