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Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
Let me tell you something, if you ever did that to me in my car on the track I would pull straight into the pits on the track and throw you the frick out of my car.

Are you kidding me? I have to believe you are just making this up.

You have zero right to turn dsc off in the middle of another persons lap. It could scare them and cause them to make an expensive mistake in a car that does not belong to you. Simply ridiculous.

In a thread full of asinine responses, yours takes the cake.
you are taking out of context here. if i'm working with a student we first need to establish trust. i trust this person with my life in their hands. I'm the passenger after all. the student trusts me to guide them to accomplish their goals. in the context of a race track that is to be consistent and accurate. end result is faster laps, better driver.

i said in a middle of a BAD lap. The student always gets to choose whatever settings they want on the car. now if he/she is consistently over-driving the car and its clear they are dependent on DSC, i would communicate with them that fact and turn off DSC on the front straight.

I am also interested in not crashing. trust me. i do care about the car's condition but far far more important its my student's life as well as mine. so i'm sure if i rode with you in the same condition you wouldn't kick me out of the car. if you were that close minded about it i would have asked to get out way before that anyways.
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