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Originally Posted by txagBMW View Post
Starting to think about cars again since my 335 goes out of warranty
next years. Swore would not get another GM because of the bailout
mess. (Never say Never) but only reason there is a dealer in town
and Bmw is an hour away.

So went and Test drove a ATS and a CTS wagon. I was not impressed
with either car. The ATS felt exactly like the 2010 Rx350 traded on the
335. I did not like the torque steer or the rear blind spots. ATS was
almost a copy of the RX. Quality wise felt Cadillac was still below Lexus.

On the CTS sport Wagon, was rear drive a plus. Just did not say
Cadillac. Have found out not going to be a 2014 CTS Wagon so
Caddy is out of the running. Remember the Big Caddy of years pass,
the luxury car to have, not now. Motor had a very high pitch V6 sound.

Its down to X3 X5 or a Range Rover

Is it possible that when you say ATS you really mean SRX? The ATS is a rwd sedan and would not have torque steer. It does come with available awd, but it really shouldn't have noticeable torque steer in that setup either.