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Originally Posted by The_Wood View Post
Well, if you read carefully and all the way through, you notice that I'm the one who bought it [and later returned it]. I just wanted to verify, for potential buyers, that it was a new, different piece and not the same one with some body work.
Great and that item was sold again with great repair results after you returned it, well Im going to give you the definition of the word used: "Not new; secondhand." Now here is the definition of the word new: "Never used or worn before now." Guess what...I think anyone with 3rd grade education can distinguish that the two words have total opposite meanings. But then again, you probably did'nt receive quality education in your younger years, which is also understandable and I don't blame you. Please sir, If your not interested in my item I have listed for sale, go elsewhere with irrelevant questions don't waste my time. Thanks!!

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