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Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
It takes a long time to cause a serious shift in market share. The ATS is a brand new car in the entry-level luxury class. It could hypothetically "be better" than the 3er, C-Class and A4 and it still wouldn't be the top or near-top seller. Customers are loyal and brand cache has a lot to do with repeated solid performances. On that same note, Cadillac is clearly on an upswing, and if they continue to pump out consistently good products then the brand's reputation will increase, along with their share of the sales.

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Getting there already...these are March numbers.

3series 8,858 -10.5%
Cclass 8,396 +32.4%
Gsedan 4,530 -3.5%
A4 3,951 +20%
ATS 3,587
TL 3,080 +9.3%
CTS 2,791 -37.8%
MKZ 2,360 -19.5%
IS 2,255 -13.9%

The new IS, Q50, A4, and ATS will be battling pretty hard for those midpack numbers.