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Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
The first day i got my car the passenger door's lock was jammed and couldn't open it. These glitches are very common with Italian cars. I should add that they are a lot more reliable these days. I had a Maserati Merak, i spent more time fixing it than driving it. I miss the hell out of it though.
I see, I mean I've heard the horror stories of Italian unreliability, but I figured these people are paying so much money for the car, it can't be THAT bad right? Well...I was wrong.

Originally Posted by Dkhan23 View Post
They scam a lot out of investors that's why there's many of them
I can assure you, we haven't scammed anyone...

Originally Posted by David-R View Post
WOW that is one hell of a collection. Congrats to you and your father. Enjoy it man. Follow in his footsteps and get double the collection

That Ferrari looks like an absolute beast. I'm in love with it.
Beast is a pretty accurate description, it's almost scary fast. Thanks!