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Arrow I've dealt with Denver nuisance and Abatement

Ok Skooterbrah 45 days. That's what it takes with or without an attorney. I've had them seize my pick up truck. At or around 45 days you'll receive a card from the Denver nuisance and abatement officer as well as a settlement offer from Paul Pickett who is the city attorney. This "settlement" will advise you of the charges on your vehicle and any fines the city will want to apply, you at that time may contact Mr Puckett and discuss what occurred with your vehicle.

Crazy thing N&A...thy are suing your vehicle civilly as the nuisance.

You may call everyday up to the 45 but its to no avail. In my case I met with Puckett and he deemed I was an uninvolved owner placed my car on probation for two years, waived my city fine of $300, which I had to bring in money order so he applied that to tow and impound fees.$1300 in fees. During this 2 yrs i promise not to do anything illegal in this vehicle and it will be in database so it may be searched anytime by any cop for any reason and subject to impound immediately.

Ok so don't waste your money on atty. In this this matter for 45 days. You may appeal but be aware that the evidence is against you and the PD has already been before the judge with affadavits etc to obtain a TRO (temp restraining order) against your vehicle. Heresay is allowed in this court forum as well don't forget that, it's already been allowed.

Barring any criminal charges pending against you just remember what applies constitutionally for criminal legal does not apply here. Nuisance and abatement does not push criminal action but civil action. I know it's completely riidiculous but true.

In a nutshell 45 days (i was told 45 days wgen i called an atty that specializes in N&A he was right) no sooner no exceptions. then prepare to pay fines and a sickening fee to impound. The gyst: N&A doesn't want your car just your $$. In all probability you'll come to agreement with city atty it's cheaper I promise.

I wish you the best of luck and patience. I saw your problem reading the forum and signed up just to let you know what I know. We do have a 328is e36, though I'm not such the afficionado, that's my guys job . I can't pm but if you have any questions re: what I know on this, ill be happy to impart all to you that I know.

I'm not an atty I'm not giving legal advice in any form. I am sharing my experience only as I know what it's like to be freaking out trying to find out what's up.


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