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Originally Posted by Goat Rodeo View Post
Three worst arguments for turning DSC off in modern cars on public roads:
- "People are ALLWAYS [sic] gonna crash and die"
- "Old cars didn't have it and people were fine"
- "I'm a good driver and I drive safely" well WTF, why do you turn it off then? and what about OTHER DRIVERS or unseen road hazards?

Both arguments completely ignore the massive reduction in accidents brought about by modern automobile technologies, the most significant of which since the early 2000s is DSC/ESP.

Since DSC/ESP was introduced:

* 42% less accidents involving Mercedes Benz (German Federal Statistics 1999-2003)
* 35% less accidents involving passenger cars (NHTSA)
* 67% less accidents involving SUVs (NHTSA)
* 35% less fatalities involving Volkswagens
* 35% of drivers able to maintain control in accident scenarios (University of Iowa Study)

And that was just with 5 minutes of looking.

So statistically, LESS people die when you leave DSC on! Turn that shit off at the track. There is no point in turning it off on public roads especially when you car comes with MDM which lets you get all kind of tail happy without killing anyone
Just cause you can, and it's an option for people to chose so . That's it ! just like smoking kills people and it's legal, just like a car beeing able to go 300 but it's illegal, just like beeing stupidly able to bare arms legally. Peolpe should just not shit their pants over dsc. If you are going to do so , you might as well concentrate your whole life on picketing every other inadequacy of legal/logical life in modern society. Everything else is up to chance .

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