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Originally Posted by Sandye90m3 View Post
Not trying to hijack, but can someone recommend a shop in OC for routine maintenance as well??
I need an OC shop too. I've called the ones on Yelp as well as a few other recommended BMW shops, but none can give me a straight answer as far as what maintenance my car needs and what the cost is.

I call the shops asking what's the cost of oil change, spark plugs, steering fluid flush, brake fluid flush, trans flush, and diff flush... And they all can't give me an answer... Instead they all say bring the car in for a diagnostic as the computer tells you what it needs. I tell them I bought the car used, I don't know what the previous service history is, and I plan to track the car once a month so I can't go by BMW's recommended schedule. So they tell me the computer tells me when the plugs where last changed, when the steering/ trans/ diff fluids where changed, and all I need to do is follow what it says.

Why can't a shop just tell me how much the above services are out here in south Orange County?!?!?

I looked up the diy's and they all seem easy enough except the plugs since I don't have the right tools for that...

I might just do the maintenance myself since I have the advantage of working on my schedule, I can ensure my own QC, I can ensure I'm using the right parts and fluids.

I want to use the place near where I work, but they couldn't even tell me what oil I needed or how frequent the plugs need changing.