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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
So here's what I have for big events in April/May

4/13 Herb Chambers C&C
4/14 Kringle Candle C&C
4/14 UConn Spring car show (rain date 4/21)
4/20 Larz Andersen C&C
4/20 UMass Motorsports Show
5/6 Marks Cruise Night
5/11 Herb Chambers C&C
5/13 Marks Cruise Night
5/18 Larz Anderseon C&C
5/19 Kringle Candle C&C

Did I miss anything?

I can't do anything on the April 13/14 weekend as I am working. Will likely make the UMass show on 4/20 if the weather is good since it is 20 minutes from my home. Will try for Marks cruise Night opening day (upto 1000 cars some days !!!) Will do Larz on 5/18 and Kringle on 5/19 (if my wife is her birthday)
I'll be in the Lynnfield area on 4/20 - I could make the Larz Andersen show.