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Thanks everyone for the input. I actually ordered the ReplayXD but returned it and went with the GoPro Hero 3. The way the GoPro works with the app is much better for setting up a perfect shot and with the replay I would have needed am extra screen etc. I decided against leaving a camera on full time or even mounted full time as I don't think it's wise to record my day to day activities lol. I really didn't like any of the mounting options for the gopro as I hate those big suction cup looking things. What I actually did was buy those little Velcro ovals and put one behind my steering so I can record the speedo and another on top of the dash to record runs. I have a Velcro oval on the bottom of my gopro so when I want to set it down I just put it on one of those spots and I'm good to go! I didn't realize how small the GoPro was until I got it. It is perfect and actually is sleeker for the interior IMO. It's so tiny and light that a tiny piece of Velcro holds it perfectly. Actually tried it on my rearview mirror and it held very well. Hopefully we will have some nicer weather the next couple days as I am ready for some nice late night speedo recordings! Will post them here when available.

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