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Originally Posted by E92325i
I've never been a huge fan of Audi's except for the R8

I've always respected their cars and the level of engineering that goes into them but they have never been my first choice when looking at a new car. Personally, I'd go with either the M3 or C63 over the RS5 however I haven't driven the RS5 so I guess I am not qualified to comment

IMO, The RS5 sits in an odd place in the sense that it isn't as focused or precise as the M3 nor as brutish as the C63 however some would argue that it represents the perfect balance between the two.
+1 I have always wanted an m3. It's funny I was talking to a friend who works at a Brisbane dealership and I said "are the m3 sales slowing on the e90/92 seeing as the new m3/m4 will be out soon" he said its the opposite as people are rushing in to get the last of the purest m3 NA, turbos are here to stay.