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Depends how much scenic driving you're looking for, but making your way out of Jersey and north if you cut east and take some of the Sprain/Taconic parkway it's a pretty decent alternative to I-87 and no commercial traffic, although speed limit is 55 and north of Poughkeepsie enforces that above 65 for the most part (majority of cops run radar though so my V1 keeps me safe most of the time haha) and there are some Staties who hide on blind turns...but if the weather is nice its as a relaxed two lane highway as you'll get. If you take that to the end you can pick up rt 7 and 9 which take you through Bennington. Last time I was on that route I thought it was pretty chill.

Nice thing is VT has fewer state troopers but local cops prob won't be too friendly to a M3 with Jersey plates lol. Good luck