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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
I agree the interior is not great compared with my $114k sticker M5 Individual.

But I wouldn't say it is any worse than an Audi A6 or any other 50k car.

BTW You do realize that the BMW 528i comes with vinyl seats and a cheap plastic dash.
Yes but a 528 is far from the price of a Tesla S. I like them I just think they really screwed the interior, the big screen is nice but the rest of the accessories are bland and cheap feeling. Maybe I'm wrong and they are giving big discount on 65kw models but don't they start at 60k+ and the 85kw at like 75k+? You can pick up a new 535i for less than 50k all day.

I find the A6 is miles ahead of the Tesla S interior obviously not the 2.0T interior though but I still like the Tesla I'm very curious on their future outcome and I think the Model X will bring them alot more exposure and sales.