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Originally Posted by JC919 View Post
Great thread.

I complained to BMWNA as this happened to me after my warranty went out. After about two weeks of stressful negotiating, the dealer gave me a goodwill price that was significantly better than the initial estimate. I have a feeling that we are going to see a lot more of these Throttle Actuator issues on higher mileage e9x V8s as time goes on. If anyone is looking to buy a used M3, it is best to look into whether this work has been done on the car they are considering.

Definitely have your engine checked out. My car threw the code and went into limp mode. Upon restarting the car, everything went away, so I drove like that for a few weeks. It eventually got to the point where it would take several off/ons to get limp mode to go away, which was just a massive pain in the ass. After visiting the dealer they told me what needed to be replaced, however, the car never ran like it had any issues.
My experience was similar to yours, JC. Over the course of about a month last summer I would get a random CEL and limp mode on start up, which would clear with a restart. Eventually it got to be more and more frequent, but the car drove just fine when it wasn't in limp mode. Finally got sick of it and took it in to the dealer where they told me the throttle actuator needed to be replaced.

I was at 40K miles and about two months out of warranty. After some back and forth the dealer agreed to goodwill the part if I paid for the labor, however, they would not simply goodwill the part and let me take it home for a DIY. I went ahead and just let them do it since the labor cost was roughly the same as the part cost on that particular job.