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That more or less mirrors what Iíve heard from others who have attended-very much so worth doing once-unsure if itís worth it to make it an annual trip. Amen Corner is not the worst place in the world to find yourself on a mid April day in Georgia though. I wasnít able to watch a single minute of coverage yesterday due to work, bummer. I gotta think Sergio falls back to the rest of the pack today, but from what I read it sounded like the course was pretty tame. Iím sure itíll dry out over the weekend and put a hurting on people come Sunday.
Yep, I try to get to the BMW so long as it is near by since I can take customers and get treated like royalty but other than that, I watch from the comfort of home. The free tickets don't hurt to get me to the BMW either

Course was very tame, haven't seen it play that easy for some time. There was talk of thunderstorms in the afternoon, which is when most of the guys put up their numbers. I wouldn't be too surprised to see the guys that went low yesterday, except Dustin Johnson, come back to the field or the field go to them. Some of the pins were in locations that are normally a Friday or Saturday position yesterday so it was kind of interesting to see. I will be interested in seeing how that effects placements today and tomorrow. I blocked off my afternoon to sit at home with a few of the guys from my club to watch, have some drinks and grill some meat. I can't complain after the week of rain we have had.
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