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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
This is what I can't quite understand... the so-called 'purists' are worried about NA engines being replaced by equally good or better performing more efficient turbocharged engines, worried about manual gearboxes being replaced by their MUCH faster double-clutch manually actuated counterparts AND yet the ONLY single dynamic feature that can NOT be replaced by ANYTHING at all but which drastically influences EVERY other dynamic aspects isn't the FIRST concern of those seeking for the ultimate driving pleasure experience - LOW WEIGHT:

I never said weight wasn't my concern. I hate that BMW are absolute pigs when it comes to weight. I wanted to get a BRZ instead of my 128, but it financially didn't make sense since as many others have said, they treat them as gold at dealerships, and i needed something much more comfortable for long commuting. If the 128 weighed just 300 pounds less, it'd be a fantastic competitor for the toyoburu's. My next car WILL be a BRZ STI or something of the like. I refuse to ever purchase a car that uses paddles or DCT/automatic transmissions, no 6MT, no purchase. I don't mind turbo'd engines, i just prefer ones that are more rev happy compared to torquey monsters like the n54, which i know is possible with RB turbo's.

Edit: also, faster=/= more fun. I dont care how much faster your DCT 135 is than my MT 128, i will still always have more fun in my 128(just an example). Everybody seems to have this notion that fast=fun, and car manufacturers are delivering things that fit that for sales. It's the consumers fault that light, NA, manual transmission cars are slowly disappearing. BMW especially has seem to forgotten its wonderful 2002/e30 roots.
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