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Originally Posted by jkim723 View Post
As gator mentioned, all 2008 are supposed to light up. In my case, the knob was lighting just fine and one day I noticed it stopped. I'm not sure how it got cut, but my guess is that maybe it happened during shifting??

My recommendation is to upgrade to the M5 shift knob
Sorry to bump this back up. Yesterday I popped my shift boot up to take a look at why my shift knob wasn't lighting up and I found EXACTLY the same cuts as you had - nice, clean snips. I don't see how that could happen during shifting. I assume you just stripped the wires and reconnected them right? The conspiracy theorist in me says it's part of BMW protocol to snip those wires in order to reject a claim or something. There's no need to snip them when installing an unlighted ZHP knob right? Just unplug the wire and you're set...