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Originally Posted by 1MtoM3 View Post
Sometimes , after I order a nice fucking meal , at a really nice place.....
I have severe remorse about what it was initially worth when it drops out of my ass and into the shitter.

hahahaha, co signed.

Originally Posted by OneMmmm View Post
This thread is interesting to me... mostly because I've always assumed everyone knows an M3 is a phenomenal machine, not to be confused with a standard 3-series.
I'm a car enthusiast, I've always loved/appreciated BMWs from afar like most people and being new to the forums/researching the brand I think I can explain the confusion.

I truly think the average person is aware of the phenomanal machine an m3 is and how it's a huge step above a regular 3 series, however when the average person thinks BMW, they also think about the fact that there's a 5/7 series and I never thought a BMW would go for or over a 100 grand. So just scaling it down I assumed m3 would be 50 grand MAX, 5 series, 75 MAX and the 7s just up to under the 100 grand. Obviously I was wrong, but I think it's this kind of mentality/break down that makes people assume the m3 is a lot less than it actually is.

As blown away as I was by the m3 being 80 grand, I was even more blown away by the 330/335s going for 50 grand ish?

Anyways, just figured I'd throw in a fresh perspective since I'm new here.

I was looking at possibly getting into a 328/330 and throwing on some m3 bumpers/wheels...but once I realized I'd probably spend 20 grand on that when it's all said and done, I started browsing used m3s and the 08s are floating just over 30 grand....My first thought was, 10 grand is not enough of a difference for me to settle for a wannabe m3, but I guess I also have to factor in the fact that m3 parts are much more expensive when it comes to maintenance as well as the gas,insurance? Anyone went from a regular 3 series to m3/can elaborate on how big is the difference of the cost of ownership between the two?? (sorry to sidetrack the thread)